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Kalamazoo Pool Troubleshooting

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West Michigan Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool and Spa Chemicals

We are known for our chemical knowledge and expertise.  We carry and stock high-quality pool and spa chemicals by ProTeam, Haviland,  our own Locey Clear line, Natural Chemistry, Jack's Magic and assorted other brands.

If you have any water quality issues, do not hesitate to stop in!  We offer water testing by accurate means - we do it by hand, not a computer!

Winter Closing Chemical Kit - 15,000 gal Chlorine/Bromine Pools

This winter closing kit has been our "go to" kit for our customers for years! Why? Because of the 62% granular chlorine, which is a very fine, soluble, potent chlorine (as opposed to 56% or Cal-Hypo based chlorines that don't dissolve quickly). The other chemicals in the kit are also very effective, yet gentle on any pool finish and help keep the pool clear throughout the winter.  This kit treats up to 15,000 gallons, and is good for most above ground pools and smaller inground pools.  Larger above ground pools and inground pools may need two kits.

This Winter Closing Chemical Kit is for Chlorine or Bromine Pools Only!
Each kit treats up to 15,000 gallons and contains:

(1) 1 lb. Granular 62% Durachlor Chlorine
(1) 1 lb. Wipe Out (Non-Chlorine Shock)
(1) 16 oz. Non-Foaming Algaecide (copper-based algaecide)
(1) 16 oz. Mineral Clear (treats/prevents mineral build-up)

Make sure you balance your pH to 7.2-7.4; Alkalinity between 80-120, and Chlorine 1.0-3.0 ppm, Bromine 2.0-4.0 ppm.


$38.90 per kit

Winter Closing Chemical Kit - 30,000 gal Chlorine/Bromine Pools

This Winter Closing kit has been our "go to" kit for our customers for years! Why? Because of the 62% granular chlorine, which is a very fine, soluble, potent chlorine (as opposed to 56% or Cal-Hypo based chlorines that don't dissolve quickly). The other chemicals in the kit are also very effective, yet gentle on any pool finish and help keep the pool clear throughout the winter. This kit treats up to 30,000 gallons.

This Winter Closing Chemical Kit is for Chlorine or Bromine Pools Only!
Each kit treats up to 30,000 gallons and contains:

(2) 1 lb. Granular 62% Durachlor Chlorine
(2) 1 lb. Wipe Out (Non-Chlorine Shock)
(2) 16 oz. Non-Foaming Algaecide (copper-based algaecide)
(2) 16 oz. Mineral Clear (treats/prevents mineral build-up)

Don't forget to balance your pool water levels!  pH between 7.2-7.4; Alkalinity 80-120 ppm; Chlorine 1.5-3.0 ppm and Bromine 2.0-4.0 ppm.


Each kit (consists of two boxes) = $77.80

ProTeam Winter Mix

This powdered-product by ProTeam is for winterizing above and inground pools.  This special winter mix helps fight staining and scale, plus contains borates to help keep sludge and algae down.  Comes in a 20 lb. container.  This product does NOT take the place of your normal winterizing chemicals, it is in addition to your routine.

Dosage Inground pools: Use 10 lbs, then wait 10 minutes, then add the other 10 lbs

Dosage Above ground pools: Use 5 lbs, wait 10 minutes, then add another 10 lbs (you will have 1/2 a bucket left for next season)

PLEASE NOTE:  Add your winter mix after you have the pool water balanced and lowered for winter level.


Durachlor Granular Chlorine 62%

Our granular chlorine is 62% as opposed to the 56% that many stores carry. The 62% means that it has that much MORE available chlorine and dissolves much faster!  What makes Locey Pool Chemicals better than big box stores?

  • Made in Michigan
  • Very Soluble in Water
  • Non-Foaming
  • Close to pH Neutral
  • Backed by a Knowledgeable Staff


Durachlor 3" Chlorine Tablets

Just as high quality as our Durachlor Granular, but in a convenient 3" tablet to be used in a chlorine float or automatic chlorinator.  What makes this tablet far superior to other brands is the fact that it has higher quality binding agents, therefore less inert ingredients to clog orifices in chlorinators and floats.



MaxiBrom Bromine Tablets for Pools

The MaxiBrom Bromine Tablets are 1" round bromine tablets meant to fit into a brominator tank.  These tablets are slow-dissolving and gentle on your pool finish.


Clear Shock - Non-Chlorine Shock

We have found this to be THE BEST Non-Chlorine oxidizer there is!  Dissolves instantly, won't harm pool or spa surfaces, and you can swim in your pool (or soak in your spa!) immediately! This powerful oxidizer rids your pool of contaminants that can tie up "free chlorine." Gives your water that polished look!  Product is very gentle on sensitive-skin and comfortable for everybody!


Clear & Swim

Newest product in the "Locey Clear System"! We are excited to introduce this product that has became extremely effective and popular! This non-chlorine oxidizer (shock) is a special blend that quickly eliminates excess contaminants in the water. Clear & Swim also clarifies water and frees up your sanitizer to better inhibit algae growth! This product is safe for all pool surfaces and you can swim immediately!


This is our #1 preventative algaecide. The two active ingredients in Algae Clear create a synergistic effect against algae growth. This is NON-FOAMING-unlike cheap, ineffective algaecides found at "Big Box or Buying Club" stores. Available in quart size only.


Algae Clear - non-foaming algaecide

Premium Blue copper-based algaecide

If you have overlooked using Algae Clear on a regular basis and have algae form, this is our strongest algaecide used to kill green algae quickly. Most problems can be treated with only 4 oz. per 10,000 gallons. Also NON-FOAMING and copper-based.


Clear 60 Poly Pool Algaecide non-copper algaecide

Clear 60 is a poly-quat based algaecide that contains no copper.  It is used for weekly maintenance against algae.  This algaecide is for any pool that has a salt chlorine generator; or for families that have a lot of people with light-colored hair.


Mineral Clear for pools and spas

The iron in our water is quite prevalent in southwest Michigan. This is the best product to keep minerals in suspension, which will keep the surfaces of your pool or spa from turning brown and forming scale. It will also prevent crusty mineral deposits from forming in your lines and equipment.  Use weekly, dosage depends on pool gallons (if you need help figuring out your gallons, tell us your pool dimensions and we can figure it out for you!)  For spas, dosage is 2 oz. upon fresh fill, 1 oz. once weekly for maintenance.




ProTeam Metal Magic

If you have exceptionally "hard water" you may need Metal Magic in place of Mineral Clear. This product is good for removing those ugly mineral/metal stains from walk-in steps in inground pools. This product is safe for all finishes, and works fantastic on Fiberglass inground swimming pools and other types of pool or spa surfaces!


Pure-Zyme Nature's Care by Haviland

Broad-spectrum enzyme.  Helps reduce waterline build-up. Helps maintain a clean filter and reduces pool maintenance.  Does not affect pH, made from all natural ingredients.  Continued use creates a pool environment in which algae will struggle to thrive.

Add directly to the water 4 ounces per 10,000 gallons of water.


PhosAway Nature's Care Haviland

PhosAway is an effective water care product to reduce the amount of phosphates present in water.  Phosphates get in our pools from source water, lawn fertilizers, crop dusting spray, and rain.  Phosphates are what algae feed off of, so when your pool is high in phosphates, algae can become out of control.  Normal sanitizing levels can easily kill algae in pools with reduced phosphates.



Quick Cure Nature's Care by Haviland

Removes heavy deposits of various contaminants in pool water, such as dead-algae, pollen, rain pollution, greases, and more.
Helps to reduce the sanitizer workload so it may solve common problems that lead to hazy and cloudy water.
Contains a powerful polymer clarifier to help speed the process of clearing pool water.


Clean or backwash pool filter before applying.

Adjust water balance prior to application. pH 7.2-7.6 and alkalinity 100-120 ppm.

With the pump running, add 16 ounces per 10,000 gallons of water directly to the pool.
Monitor filter pressure and perform maintenance on the filter as needed.


ProTeam Supreme Plus

ProTeam Supreme Plus is the newest version of the reliable Proteam Supreme from previous years - but with a kick! This product (as always) helps take out carbon dioxide from the water (which algae feeds on) and also has tetra-borate in it (the product found in eye drops to soothe and relieve redness). The difference with ProTeam Supreme Plus is that it has the pH Reducer blended into it! The old kit used to have two separate buckets--ProTeam Supreme Plus comes packaged in ONE convenient bucket! Come on in and talk to the Locey staff about one of their favorite products!

Product is available in sizes for above and inground pools.


Winter Pill by AquaPill

This Winter Pill is an enzyme-based product that is meant to slowly release the liquid from the time you close until spring opening (in cold conditions the pill will freeze in winter then thaw again in spring).  The winter pill helps reduce ring-around-the-pool scum line and keep "sludge" down.  Simply pierce the winter pill with the included piercing pin and throw it in the pool water (after you have lowered your water).  Great with safety covers!


West Michigan Spa Chemicals

Spa Pure Chlorine Kit

Just like the bromine kit, but contains granular chlorine, stain preventative, non-chlorine shock, pH Up, pH Down, clarifier, defoamer and test strips!  Yet again, a great starter kit for the new spa owner or for someone who likes convenience.

Spa Pure Bromine Kit

Convenient starter kit that contains a small container of bromine tablets, non-chlorine shock, stain preventative, pH Up, pH Down, clarifier, defoamer and test strips! Also includes a handy spa water care guide!  Great kit for new spa owners!

Bromine Tablets for spas/hot tubs

These tablets are 1" round and fit in most standard bromine feeders and floats.  We offer a high-quality tablet with the best binding agents for better erosion.  Available in 1 1/2 lb. and 4 lb. containers.


Granular Chlorine for spas Durachlor 62%

An alternative way to sanitize your spa if you don't want to use bromine!   Just as for pools, this Durachlor Granular chlorine is 62% as opposed to 56%--which means more useable chlorine for your spa and dissolves instantly.  Use only 1-2 tsp daily or as needed for most size spas/hot tubs!  You won't be disappointed.


Spa Frog @ Ease

This convenient, floating ball contains a mineral pack on top (lasts 4 mos.) and a chlorine pack on bottom (last 3-4 weeks).  When the ball tips over you know it's time to replace the chlorine pack! The proven Frog mineral system kills bacteria, therefore allowing your chlorine to be maintained at a low level.

$44.90 for start up kit

Silk Balance

Tired of adjusting pH, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness? Fed up with tight, dry skin?  Silk Balance is your answer!  Silk Balance is a water conditioner for your hot tub!  It is blended with 17 ingredients to balance and maintain your hot tub water.  Silk Balance's main job is to annihilate BioFilm--that protective layer of film that bacteria love to grow and colonize in.  With less BioFilm in your hot tub water and plumbing, there's less bacteria and healthier water.  You simply add 2-4 oz. of Silk Balance once a week (depending on spa gallonage), add 1 Tbsp. of granular chlorine once a week, and a small amount of non-chlorine shock each time you get out!  Water stays balanced and extremely comfortable on your skin.  Each jug of Silk Balance will last most spas approximately four to six months (depends on your spa size).

$99.00/ 38 fl oz. jug

Shock Gems for Silk Balance

Shock Gems are a measured, single-dose of non-chlorine shock-the appropriate type of shock to use with your Silk Balance routine. Product consists of (40) one ounce gems.  A single one ounce gem treats per person per 500 gallons of water.  The gems completely dissolve in the hot spa water.

$49.90 per bottle

Clean Start (use prior to Silk Balance)

Clean Start is a spa purge for your spa plumbing.  Before your first time ever using Silk Balance, you will use Clean Start to cleanse organic deposits, dirt, soil and inanimate organic particulates from plumbing systems.  This is the only purge product that will not create foaming residue that requires multiple flushes to remove.  It will leave your spa with a fresh and clean scent.  The day before draining your hot tub, you mix Clean Start with water, pour it in your hot tub and let it circulate for 10 minutes, then let stand overnight.  Next day, drain your hot tub and begin your Silk Balance regimen.


Spa Shock- Non chlorine shock

Use once-to-twice weekly to prevent cloudy water and contaminant build up.  This Non-Chlorine Shock is very gentle and works with bromine or chlorine-based spas/hot tubs.  Comes in a 20 oz. bottle or 2.2 lb bottle.


Defoamer for hot tubs

Use this product to help control "suds" or foam in your spa!  Only use  as needed and as directed. 


Clarifier for hot tubs

Use sparingly when water is a little hazy and needs some sparkle!


Spa pH Up

Use to increase pH. If that doesn't work, have Locey Swim & Spa test your water for Total Alkalinity.  Follow dosage on bottle or ask the Locey Staff what dosage will work best for your particular pH level!

$4.90/16 oz.

Spa pH Down

Spa Pure pH Down is used if your pH is over 7.6.  Use one heaping Tbsp. per 500 gallons of water until pH is within acceptable range of 7.2-7.6.


Have questions? Need more information? Contact Locey Pool at 269-327-1553 or online or visit their Portage Michigan showroom on Lovers Lane to learn more!



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