Pool and Hot Tub Troubleshooting – Cloudy Water

Kalamazoo Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas : Trouble Shooting

Cloudy Water

This may be caused by any of the following problems:

  • Check pool filtration system. Do you have the correct pressure? How often do you run the pool pump (run enough hours in the day based upon pool size).  Make sure there is DE or enough sand in the filter. Be sure the filter is clean. If dirty, use FILTER CLEAN to clean grids or elements. If filter is clean and working properly, run 24 hours a day until water clears up.
  • Check the pH of the water. High pH will cause cloudiness and can be corrected by adding pH REDUCER.
  • Check the chlorine or bromine level. If too low, boost with HAVILAND DURACHLOR GRANULAR CHLORINE. (4 oz. per 10,000 gallons), or increase the lever on your brominator to a higher number.
  • Need to shock.  It is recommended to shock a pool or spa at least once a week.  CLEAR SHOCK is an excellent non-chlorine shock–for chlorine or bromine based pools/hot tubs.

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