West Michigan Inground Swimming Pool Consulting : Locey Swim & Spa Co.


Kalamazoo Portage West Michigan Inground Swimming Pool Consulting

Kalamazoo and Portage Michigan Inground Pool Consulting

We sell Radiant Brand Do-It-Yourself Inground Pool Kits and consult on how to build them.  Stop in and we can go over pool size, equipment and other features you may want to add.

We test water and will tell you how to treat your water chemically, and can fine tune a chemical routine for your pool.

We also can recommend which style/type of automatic cleaner would be best for your pool shape and size.

We can also special order pool alarms and other safety items, some of which we stock.


Have questions? Need more information? Contact Locey Pool at 269-327-1553 or online or visit their Portage Michigan showroom on Lovers Lane to learn more!