Hayward Universal Electronic Heater 135K


Available in natural gas or propane, heat your pool to a comfortable temperature all year round. The Universal Series is an electronic heater that elimates a standing-pilot light and uses an electronic element instead, and requires electricity (either 110 or 220 V) to connect the heater. You still need a gas line as well (propane or natural). An easy-to-read LED display shows you what your heater is doing and where the temp is at. We must assess the job prior to install to check your gas line size. If gas line needs to be changed, this needs to be done by a licensed gas company.

Inquire to the staff at Locey Swim & Spa about properly sizing your heater for your pool size and surface area!

Heaters available for local pickup or call 1-800-544-2192 for freight shipping charges.

High Wind Stack (optional)
80-82% Thermal Efficiency
Single Thermostat
Eugenox Burner System (environmentally friendly)
Standing Pilot Ignition System
Finn Plate Heat Exchanger (heats quickly and consistently)
Patented Polymer Heaters (reliable rust-resistant water path)
Thermal Control Valve (eliminates condensation)
1 Fire Tile (more efficient way to retain heat)
Warranty 2 year parts; 5 year Fire Tile; 10 year Polymer Headers
Go to www.haywardnet.com for warranty details.


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