Locey Clear & Swim Non-Chlorine Shock for pools


Newest product in the Locey Clear Line! We are excited to introduce this product that has become extremely popular! This non-chlorine oxidizer (shock) is a special blend of potassium monopersulfate and borates that quickly eliminate excess contaminants/chloramines in the water. Clear & Swim also clarifies water and frees up your sanitizer to better inhibit algae growth! This product is safe for all pool surfaces. Swim just 15 minutes after adding to your pool water-no more waiting overnight to be able to get in the pool again (as with traditional chlorine-based shocks.)

$9.90/1 lb. pouches

$109.00/case of (12) 1 lb. pouches

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

1 lbs., 12 lbs


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