ProTeam Winter Mix


ProTeam Winter Mix is a powdered product by ProTeam that is used for winterizing above and inground pools. This special winter mix contains borates to help keep sludge and algae down.  It also has stain and scale inhibitors in it to help keep stains and scale off the pool finish.  Comes in a 20 lb. container.

This product does NOT take the place of your normal winterizing chemicals, it is in addition to your routine.

Dosage:  Inground pools:  Broadcast 10 lbs. of product into the pool water, wait 10 minutes, then add the other 10 lbs.

Dosage:  Above ground pools:  Broadcast 5 lbs. of product, wait 10 minutes, then add another 10 lbs (you will have 1/4 of a bucket left for next season)

PLEASE NOTE: Add your winter mix AFTER you have the pool water balanced and lowered for winter level.


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Weight 22 lbs


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