Silk Balance


Tired of adjusting pH, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness Fed up with tight, dry skin Silk Balance is your answer! Silk Balance is a water conditioner for your hot tub! It is blended with 17 ingredients to balance and maintain your hot tub water. Silk Balance's main job is to annihilate BioFilm that layer of film that bacteria love to grow and colonize in. With less BioFilm in your hot tub water and plumbing, there?s less bacteria and healthier water. You simply add 2-4 oz. of Silk Balance once a week (depending on spa gallonage), add 1 Tbsp. of granular chlorine once a week, and a small amount of non-chlorine shock each time you get out! Water stays balanced and extremely comfortable on your skin. Each jug of Silk Balance will last most spas approximately four to six months (depends on your spa size).

$99.00/ 38 fl oz. Jug


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