Skimmer Plug for Inground Pools – Deluxe Large 16″ Blowout Gizzmo


Every pool has a skimmer(s).  When water freezes it expands. This expansion c0uld potentially break the skimmer-unless you have a Gizzmo installed in the skimmer to help absorb the expansion. The frozen water crushes the Gizzmo instead of destroying the skimmer housing. The Gizzmo is designed to absorb the expansion of winter freeze-up in skimmers only. Winterize other  lines and pool as per manufacturer or your trusted local pool store.  This is a Large size Gizzmo measuring 16" long by 3" wide across the top-the bottom is tapered and threaded to fit 1-1/2" or 2" skimmer hole.  Allows you to blow out plumbing lines and add anti-freeze without lowering water level.
Just thread the Gizzmo into your skimmer(s) hole to absorb any expansion caused by freezing water. The freezing water will actually crush the Gizzmo instead of cracking your skimmer!  The bottom of the Gizzmo fits both a 1-1/2" or 2" internal thread. ONLY FOR USE IN INGROUND POOLS! Do not use in an above ground pool-you want the water to run out of the skimmer in an above ground pool (if water rises to that point).

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