Haviland SpaPure System Cleanse & Spa Cleaner Bundle


SpaPure System Cleanse:

Haviland Spa Pure System Cleanse loosens buildup in the spa and hot tub plumbing. Use once a year right before draining and cleaning. System Cleanse cleans where you cannot see and helps get rid of biofilm.

SpaPure Cleaner:

Haviland Spa Pure spa cleaner. Versatile cleaner removes waterline ring, grease and grime from the spa shell/surface. This cleaner really spit-shines the spa shell! Use after running Spa Pure System Cleanse through your spa.


An oil-absorbing Scumbug sponge comes with this bundle FREE! Place the Scumbug on top of the spa water, it floats on the water surface. Scumbug collects oils, dirt and grime over a few weeks time. While Scumbug is busy working for you, check him after a week and squeeze him out (outside of the hot tub), flip Scumbug over, and float him around again for another week!  Scumbug can be re-used until he starts getting too heavy and sinking- after that he needs to be replaced.  This Scumbug seriously helps keep "ring around the spa" down to a minimum!



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