Winter Closing Chemical Kit – 15,000 Gal Chlorine/Bromine Pools


Our Locey Clear Winter Closing Chemical Kit has been our "go to" kit for years! Why? Because of the Haviland Durachlor 62% Granular Chlorine, which is a very fine, soluble, potent chlorine (as opposed to 56% dichlor or Cal-Hypo-based chlorines that don't dissolve quickly). The other chemicals in the kit are also very effective, yet gentle on any pool finish, and help keep the pool clear throughout the winter.  This kit treats up to 15,000 gallons, and is good for most above ground pools and smaller inground pools.  Larger above ground pools and inground pools may need two kits.

Our Winter Closing Chemical Kit is for Chlorine or Bromine Pools Only!

Each kit treats up to 15,000 gallons and contains:

(1) 1 lb. Granular 62% Durachlor Chlorine
(1) 1 lb. Wipe Out (Non-Chlorine Shock)
(1) 16 oz. Non-Foaming Algaecide (2% copper-based algaecide)
(1) 16 oz. Mineral Clear (treats/prevents mineral build-up)
Make sure you balance your pH to 7.4-7.6; Alkalinity between 80-120, and Chlorine 1.5-3.0 ppm, Bromine 4.0-6.0 ppm.  It is preferable you get your levels on the "higher" side of ideal, meaning pH = 7.6, Alkalinity = 120, Chlorine = 3.0 or Bromine 6.0.


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