Pool and Hot Tub Troubleshooting – Spring Pool Opening


Spring Pool Opening

It’s almost time to think spring and clean off your solar cover and dust off your equipment! When coming into Locey Swim & Spa for the first time this season, don’t forget to bring your water sample! Bring it in a clean bottle and give us at least 16 oz. of water. To get you started on the right foot, we will want to test for the following levels:

  • Cyanuric Acid (for chlorine-based pools)
  • Chlorine/ Bromine level (or whatever Sanitizer you use i.e. Baquacil)
  • pH
  • Total Alkalinity

For those who don’t normally test pH and Alkalinity, these levels are VERY important to keep in certain parameters. You want your pH between 7.2 -7.6, and total alkalinity between 80-120 on a consistent basis. Keeping these levels in check helps your pool and/or spa equipment running good over the years, and assists your chemicals in working to their maximum effectiveness! Due to the changing environment over the past 15 years, pH and Alkalinity levels are becoming lower, meaning more acidic, and affecting how we take care of our water!

Come on in and visit any of the friendly faces you’re used to seeing and we’ll test your water!

Look forward to seeing you!

Nicole Locey

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