Pool and Hot Tub Troubleshooting – Winter Pool Closing


Winter Pool Closing

I hope everyone got a lot of swimming in this season! I know I did! If the weather stays hot, take advantage of it and keep your pool open longer! However, it will soon be time to close the pool.

We are ready with one-page, quick-read sheets–tailored for your inground or above ground pool size, on how to winterize. If you’ve never winterized your pool before, ask us—we can help walk you through it!

One thing to do before you lower your water is to make sure your Chlorine or Bromine, pH and Alkalinity levels are in order.

Ideal levels for most pools are:

Chlorine = 3.0 ppm

Bromine = 3.5 ppm

pH = 7.2-7.6

Alkalinity = 80-120 ppm

If you need us to check these levels for you, just bring in a water sample. Other sanitizer systems refer to recommended manufacturer levels.

Below are some tips for winterizing a pool heater:

Remove the pressure switch.

Blow out the lines from the inlet port at the heater.

Place an opened box of Mothballs in the bottom of the heater (this helps keep pests out, including spiders—which tend to cause problems in springtime due to their webbing).

It is highly recommended that you cover your heater with something. We have “Weather Out” heater covers that are made of a thick, vinyl material. Otherwise using a tarp or something of that nature will help keep your heater looking nice years down the road!

We are fully stocked with winter covers, chemical closing kits, plugs, water tubes, anti-freeze, etc.

We are open year-round, so if you need any items for your pool during the fall or winter, please call us or stop by!

Even if your pool is problem-free this winter, stop in and say hi to the Locey Staff!

Nicole Locey

Have questions? Need more information? Contact Locey Pool at 269-327-1553 or online or visit their Portage Michigan showroom on Lovers Lane to learn more!

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