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5 Ways to Ensure Water Safety for Kids

Water safety for kids is a major concern for parents with a backyard pool, spa, or hot tub. Any time your children are left unattended near your pool, they’re at risk of drowning. And, since drowning can happen in seconds, it’s essential that you – and all adults who use your pool – understand the basics of water safety.

To prevent drowning, you’ll want to teach children proper swimming skills, equip them with a life jacket, and tell them what to do if an emergency occurs. A great way to help your child develop a safety-first mindset is with swim lessons.

Good swim lessons can transform weak swimmers into strong swimmers. And, more importantly, they can help to build a foundation of pool safety that can prevent accidents and keep your child safe.

Locey Swim & Spa’s 5 Water Safety Tips

As Kalamazoo’s go-to source for swimming lessons, Locey Swim & Spa is proud to partner with Aqua-Tots. As the premier provider of swim lessons for kids, Aqua-Tots understands that water safety for children is critical. Let’s look at our top tips to help keep your children safe during all of your family’s water activities.

Keep kids safe with a water watcher

Drowning is a leading cause of death among children ages 1 to 14 and unsupervised access is a major contributor. When children are in your pool, there should always be an adult within arm’s reach. To maximize water safety and avoid drowning, ensure that your pool’s watcher isn’t distracted by their phone, engaged in conversation, or inebriated.

Improve water safety with a pool cover

Another leading cause of injury is unattended children falling into uncovered swimming pools. By installing an automatic pool cover, you dramatically reduce the risk of accidental drowning. Parents with young children or inexperienced swimmers in the house should always safeguard their backyard pool with a cover.

Enroll your kids in swim lessons

If you’re concerned about keeping children safe around your pool, the best thing you can do is enroll them in swim lessons. Children ages four months and older can be enrolled in Locey’s swim lessons. And, whether they’re being taught to tread water or learning skills to keep other kids safe, they’ll find a new level of enjoyment in your backyard pool.

Know first aid and CPR

Owning a pool isn’t just about fun activities, it’s a major responsibility. You’ll need to devote constant attention to keep your kids safe. Even the slightest lapse can result in an emergency. Because of this, you – and every adult who regularly uses your pool – should be trained in first aid and CPR.

Water smarts start with smart pools

Of course, the first step toward ensuring water safety is installing the right equipment. At Locey Swim & Spa, our fiberglass pools offer the industry’s best water safety features, including a non-slip floor, in-water deck option, and gradual descents. With fewer uneven surfaces and better grip, they’re a surefire way to boost water safety for adults, kids, and everyone.

Adults relaxing in a Thursday fiberglass pool after ensuring water safety for kids.

Ready to invest in a pool that’s designed for water safety?

At Locey Swim & Spa, we’re committed to offering the safest pools on the market. Our focus on water safety is on full display with our partnership with Aqua-Tots. Whether you have a weak swimmer, an inexperienced swimmer, or even a strong swimmer in your home, we can help improve the safety – and enjoyment – of your outdoor equipment.

Contact us today for more water safety tips

So, if you’re concerned about water safety and want to minimize the risk of drowning while maximizing fun, reach out to us today. With decades of experience in the industry, you can be confident that we’ll boost your confidence, alleviate your concerns, and help you get the most out of your swimming pool.

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