Give your pool the vacation it deserves with pool covers from Locey Swim & Spa.

Pool covers are critical to protecting your pool from dirt, debris, and algae. Without one, you put your equipment at risk, as unwanted contaminants can clog your pool’s filter and upset its chemical balance. And, by investing in a high-quality pool cover, you make it much easier to maintain your pool, especially when reopening in the spring. At Locey Swim & Spa, we carry the most established, most reputable brands of pool covers on the market, all of which can be completely customized to fit your needs.

With nearly fifty years of experience, Aquamatic has displayed an unwavering concern for the quality, reliability, and performance of their automatic pool covers. Aiming to provide pool owners with a wide range of options, from the simplicity of the EZ Cover to the adaptability of the Hydralux, Aquamatic’s commitment to offering the highest quality retractable pool covers is unquestioned in the industry. 

Since 1976, HPI has made top-quality protective winter covers from woven polypropylene mesh material. Unparalleled in durability, customizability, and affordability, the company’s safety covers are designed to meet even the most stringent demands. HPI safety covers work for inground pools and above ground pools, though you must have a deck all the way around your above ground pool.

When you own a hot tub in Michigan, you absolutely need the best spa cover on the market. Castle Spa Covers, in business for over two decades, produce the industry’s most reliable, energy-efficient covers. Using the best materials available and a roster of highly-trained employees, all of their covers carry UL approval. Even better, all of Castle’s spa covers are manufactured locally in Coldwater, Michigan.

As most people know, owning a pool in Michigan can be a challenge. With our extremely cold winters, it’s essential to keep debris out of your pool. A cover also prevents algae growth and ensures a swift open when spring arrives. At Locey Swim & Spa, we stock a large assortment of winter pool covers for both inground and above ground pools, so you can be confident we have the cover you need.