Rain or shine, high tide or low, we’re the go-to source for Kalamazoo pool supplies.

Carrying the largest selection of Kalamazoo pool supplies, Locey Swim & Spa is committed to ensuring our customers have what they need. Whether you need chlorine, shock, algaecide, or any number of other preventative chemicals, we have you covered. Best of all, our in-house ‘Locey Clear’ line offers time-tested reliability and affordability when compared to other brands. If you have any questions about maintaining your pool’s long-term safety or chemical balance, we encourage you to contact us today.

Locey Clear

If you want to keep your pool in great shape, the Locey Clear line of pool supplies are designed for preventative maintenance. A regular maintenance routine doesn’t just safeguard your equipment, it also protects your pool’s users from aggravating skin and eye irritation.

• Mineral Clear
• Clear Shock
• Algae Clear

• Clear 60
• Premium Blue
• Clear & Swim

Other Chemicals

Beyond our Locey Clear line, we carry Kalamazoo’s largest stock of essential pool chemicals, including balancers, algae eliminators, and mineral problem solvers. If you’re aiming to keep your pool’s water clear, safe, and comfortable, you can always trust the experts at Locey Swim & Spa.

Algae Eliminators

• Premium Blue
• Mustard & Black Magic

Water Clarity

• Quick Cure
• Clarifier
• Super Fall Out


• Spot Stain Remover
• Wipe Out
• Cover Cleaner

Mineral Problem Solvers

• Mineral Clear
• Metal Magic
• Stain Eliminator
• Step Magic

Phosphate Problems

• PhosFree Max
• Pool Perfect + PhosFree
• Pool Magic