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What Are the Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool in Kalamazoo?

When the weather heats up, homeowners across Kalamazoo start considering swimming pools. As a way to beat the heat, spend time with family, and bring people together, pools are a great addition to any home. But, purchasing a pool is a huge investment. It’s also a huge life decision!

Most Kalamazoo pool owners will be quick to tell you how much they love their swimming pools. From hosting neighborhood get-togethers to enjoying quiet time outside with their families, they’re a great source of information about pool ownership. But, what if none of your acquaintances own pools? Who do you reach out to for the information that you need? In today’s post, we’re going to discuss four of the major benefits of owning a pool in Kalamazoo.

Become the neighborhood’s go-to spot

If you’re looking to meet new people, host neighborhood parties, or help your children make friends, you can’t go wrong with a swimming pool. Growing up, most people had ‘that house’ on their block. You know, the one with the lounge chairs, floaties, and swimming pool. By installing a pool, you’re suddenly ‘that house.’ You’re the coolest place to be. And, even better, you give your children opportunities to make new friends.

A Kalamazoo pool owner reclining on a float in their pool.

Enjoy the sun in Kalamazoo with your swimming pool

With limited sunlight in Michigan, it’s important to capitalize on it when we have it. As it’s been shown to increase serotonin levels, sunlight can have an impact on our happiness and general well-being. By getting outside, spending time in your pool, and soaking up the rays, you can greatly improve your mental health. Of course, always remember to wear sunscreen!

Improve your health with regular, low-impact exercise

Mental health isn’t the only thing that can be improved with a swimming pool, though! No matter your age, swimming pools are a great way to get fun, low-impact exercise. Whether you’re actively looking to burn calories by swimming laps or you’re just out having fun with the family, pools are a source of exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. Best of all, when being healthy doesn’t feel like a chore, it’s a lot easier to stick to a regular routine.

In fact, since pools are so gentle, they’re often used in therapeutic settings and in patients suffering from arthritis or joint issues. And, even if you don’t need low-impact exercise, having a pool in Kalamazoo can still improve your heart health or help you lose a few pounds.

Create memories and enjoy more family time outside

Naturally, one of the main reasons people purchase swimming pools in Kalamazoo is to spend more time with their families. A great source of entertainment, they’re an incredible long-term value that will almost certainly help you strengthen your familial bonds. From nightly games of Marco Polo to teaching your little ones how to swim, there’s virtually no cap on the emotional value of a swimming pool.

A Kalamazoo pool can increase your home’s value

For the same reasons you want a pool, right now, future homeowners will also want one. Or, if you plan to rent your property out, potential renters will also be attracted to a home with a pool. Because of this, the value of your home will increase after you’ve installed your pool. In general, homes in Kalamazoo with pools sell faster, sell for more, and sell with fewer problems than the alternative.

Ready to work with the best Kalamazoo pool store?

With swimming season officially upon us, Locey Swim & Spa is welcoming all new customers! Whether you’re interested in installing a high-quality fiberglass pool or you need a new place to buy chemicals, we’re here to help! So, don’t be shy, stop in today, get your water tested, and ensure your pool is ready for the summer!

At Locey Swim & Spa in Portage, we regularly work with customers in Portage, Kalamazoo, and beyond to install the area’s best pools. Whether you’re interested in an inground, above ground, or semi-inground pool, you can rest assured that we can deliver. Our team has years of experience managing every aspect of pool installation, so you can be confident that we’ll meet – or exceed – your expectations. We encourage you to reach out to us today to discuss your needs.

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