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3 Things to Know About Fiberglass Pools Before You Buy

Before you pull the trigger and buy, there are a number of things to know about fiberglass pools. If you’ve done your research, you probably know the basics. Built from one piece of fiberglass, fiberglass pools are a durable, long-lasting, and extremely convenient way to add joy to your home’s outdoor areas. And, since they’re available in a wide range of shapes, they can be tailored to meet your needs and your home’s aesthetic.

But, what should you know before you make your final decision? What benefits does fiberglass offer over concrete or vinyl? In today’s post, we’re going to look at three things to know about fiberglass pools before you buy.

1. Fiberglass pools can be installed quickly

When you’re installing a concrete pool, it can take months for the concrete to cure. So, in many cases, if you’re hoping to enjoy your pool the year you install it… you’re out of luck. But, when you choose fiberglass, you reduce that installation time drastically.

In most cases, it takes only three to six weeks to install a fiberglass pool. And, without the need to pour, level, and cure concrete, you’ll be able to swim in your pool in less than two months.

2. They require less maintenance

If you’ve been considering a pool for ages but haven’t wanted to commit to the maintenance routine, fiberglass is the solution. Of all the things to know about fiberglass pools, this is one of the most important: they require less maintenance than other types of pools.

Due in part to their durable gel coating, fiberglass pools are better able to resist the corrosive effects of chemicals. And, even better, the coating protects against common sources of damage, including algae, dirt, and debris.

3. Fiberglass pools are backed by top-notch warranties

When you live in Michigan, you want to be certain that your pool is covered by a comprehensive warranty. It gets dangerously cold here. By working with Locey Swim & Spa, you can rest easy knowing that your new pool is protected by the industry’s best warranty.

As a dealer of Thursday pools, the industry’s most trusted fiberglass pool manufacturer, all of our pools are backed by a lifetime structural warranty and a fifteen year warranty against blistering. And, since all Thursday pools are handcrafted in the Midwest, you can enjoy your pool knowing that it’s built to endure Michigan’s unpredictable weather.

A pool cleaner cleaning a fiberglass pool.

Curious about other things to know about fiberglass pools?

At Locey Swim & Spa, we pride ourselves on offering Kalamazoo’s best pools in the area. And, since we’re the area’s leading expert on pools of all types, you can be confident that our team is ready to answer any questions you may have. So, if you’ve done your research, weighed your options, and decided on the right pool for you, reach out to us today so that we can help you make it happen.

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